Flex Plans

The flex plan is ideal for individuals whose schedule is anything less than routine. Maybe you travel a lot, maybe your work schedule isn’t consistent. Maybe you simply don’t want to come in for lessons every week. The flex plan is the most cost effective way to learn your instrument without dedicating too much time in the actual lessons. Instead of 4 lessons the student receives 3 intensive lessons. Meaning there will be a lot more covered in these lessons because there are 3 rather than 4. The lessons will be packed with information and practice assignments giving you everything you need to learn on your own. And you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of the regular plans, like help from your instructor when you don’t understand or remember how to plan something. And of course, you can cancel your lessons at any time without a sweat. Here is a comparison of the half hour monthly plan and the flex plan.

GROUP LESSON RATES (2-4 Students)*
Description Monthly Half Hour Flex Plan
Half Hour Lesson Cost $110 per month $65 per month
Hour Lessons Cost $180 per month $110 per month
One Time Sign Up Fee $0 $15
Auto Draft No Yes
Lessons per month 4 3
Intensive No Yes
Out of Lesson Instructor Help Yes Yes

Flex Plan Policy

By signing up for our flex plan you authorize CMLessons to withdraw a predetermined amount (for whichever plan you choose) every month from your bank account or check card. With the flex plan the customer is given 3 lessons a month. Unused lessons cannot be redeemed the next month. If they are not used, they expire. Cancelations must be made at least 2 hours in advance. If a student does not show up to a lesson without canceling or cancels anytime before 2 hours the lesson will be lost. These policies allow us to take care of our instructors and compensate them for their time whether a student shows up or not. The flex plan is designed to be very affordable and flexible. Thank you for cooperating with our policies!

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I am progressing with each lesson thanks to John's ability to teach. His professionalism and knowledge are well worth the investment! And thankfully the price is super reasonable!

Karolyn V.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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