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Whoever said it’s much harder to learn an instrument at an older age probably didn’t take lessons with CMLessons. Every adult or teenager that has come into our music lessons leaves with more playing ability, and more musical knowledge than what they came in with.

music lessons for adults

At this level the possibilities are endless. You will be able to combine playing (or singing) with a ton of knowledge of music. You will receive practice assignments to do on your own, and you will have written assignments at times to test your knowledge on paper. This does not mean that you will have to spend countless hours practicing every day but enough to keep you moving forward and achieving your musical goals.

Our music lessons for adults and teenagers are designed for ever playing level. Novice, intermediate, or advanced, we can help you get better. Many times people think that because they have reached a certain age, that they can no longer learn to play an instrument. We have found that age is no concern for people who really have a burning desire to learn music and to master the basics of playing an instrument. Teenagers, adults, or even elderly can learn to play an instrument with enough dedication and the correct instruction. With our music lessons for adults and teenagers, you will learn how to play an instrument. That’s a guarantee!

Of course, the rate at which you learn always depends on how much time you spend practicing. This is true for all ages and mastery level. As your music instructors, we will give you everything you need to learn the topic in class and you’ll be able to take it home and make yourself better through practice and repetition. The next week, we’ll do it all over again until you have mastered your goals and are ready for the next level.

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I am progressing with each lesson thanks to John's ability to teach. His professionalism and knowledge are well worth the investment! And thankfully the price is super reasonable!

Karolyn V.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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