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voice lessons houston heightsSo you think you have a good voice. You’ve know this because you’ve been told by family or you heard yourself singing in the shower one day and thought, “Hey, I sound pretty good.” Now you’re taking the next step to making your instrument better. Congratulations! Like anything else, you need to train your voice. You may have a great tone, but you want to be able to maximize its longevity, and bring out the absolute best when performing.

Within just a few weeks of taking voice lessons in Houston with us you will learn:

  • How to use your voice to sing higher and lower
  • About pitch
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Dynamic control
  • A whole lot of vocal warm ups that will help your overall voice

Within months of taking singing lessons with us, you will be able to understand solfège,  singing harmonies, ear training techniques, and much more. Your goal is to sound better, we know. And you will!

You will notice a huge difference in your voice all while being able to understand music. Many vocalists who don’t play instruments experience certain limitations musically. But again, CMLessons makes musicians, not just singers.

4 Random Signs You May Need Singing Lessons

  •  You sing in the shower
  •  You enjoy being the center of attention (hey there’s nothing wrong with that)
  •  You’ve been told to try out for The Voice, American Idol, or some other singing competition
  •  You may even consider writing a song one day

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I am progressing with each lesson thanks to John's ability to teach. His professionalism and knowledge are well worth the investment! And thankfully the price is super reasonable!

Karolyn V.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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